Otoplasty (prominent ear surgery)

Protruding and prominent ears are a physical characteristic that can easily be treated with surgery.  Children, long the victims of cruel teasing are the most likely candidates for otoplasty, but this surgery can be performed at any age after the ears have reached full size, usually around five to six years of age.  Having the procedure at a young age is highly desirable since the cartilage is extremely pliable, thereby permitting greater ease of shaping. Not only is it possible to pin back ears, but ears can also be reshaped, reduced in size, or made more symmetrical.

At your consultation, we will describe the technique we use, the type of anesthesia, any additional surgery, possible complications, and costs of the procedure.

The procedure begins with an incision just behind the ear which is concealed.  Skin is then removed and cartilage reshaped to achieve the desired effect.  Cartilage is rarely removed and sutures are used to reshape and pin back the ears.  The otoplasty procedure takes about two to three hours to perform.  A dressing is applied to the ears for a few days.  Headbands are recommended to hold the ears in the desired position for four weeks after surgery or may be prescribed for nighttime wear only.