Facial Cosmetic Surgery Becoming More Popular Among Men

cosmetic-surgeryWith broader social acceptance of facial plastic surgery, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of male patients seeking cosmetic procedures. Men no longer believe that cosmetic enhancement is primarily for women. In today’s competitive job market, men also want to look youthful, feel self-confident and take pride in their appearance. This increased awareness of the impact that one’s looks can have on career advancement is one reason that more and more men are undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Popular Cosmetic Surgery For Men
The following are common procedures that are popular with men:
Nose reshaping surgery is the most popular cosmetic procedure for men. It is also known as rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty helps to correct the imperfections of the nose such as large, off-center, or crooked noses. The nose is a prominent part of the face and rhinoplasty can help completely transform the look of a person.

Facelift is also now performed on men. It rejuvenates the face, gives a radiating glow, and also reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Eyelid surgery is quickly gaining popularity among men and women. Improving the look of your eyes can have a drastic effect on your overall appearance. Men often undergo eyelid surgery to reduce the puffiness and sagging around their eyes, as a result of aging. Removing this excessive tissue can help you look younger and look more refreshed.

Botox Cosmetic has gained much importance with men in recent times. It gives dramatic results and takes away years from the face. This procedure has gained more popularity due to more susceptibility of men to wrinkles. The reason for this is due to poor facial cleansing and lack of moisturizing by men.

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