Rhinoplasty Before or After the Holidays?

Finding dedicated time for recovery can be a challenge no matter when you plan your rhinoplasty procedure. The winter season, however, can offer more opportunities to some patients who might have trouble finding space in their hectic schedules. If you are trying to plan a rhinoplasty surgery around school schedules, and work, consider the upcoming winter season.

Why Choose Winter For Surgery?
The holidays are here, more people tend to relax a little more when the days are shorter and the weather is cooler. Instead of the summertime hustle of social interactions, late nights out, and vacations, the winter gives many of us the chance to stay home and catch up on rest and sleep.

Other Benefits Of Winter Rhinoplasty
• There will be some bruising after your procedure, so warm clothing can help camouflage your bruises as you heal. Scarves, turtlenecks, hats, ski masks, and other bulky apparel are all in fashion when it is cold.

• Staying inside and relaxing is encouraged and expected, so you will have plenty of time to get the rest needed for your recovery.

• There is no reason to be out in direct sunlight during the winter. Sun exposure can cause pigmentation issues for your healing nose.

• There is no need to use all of your vacation days. The winter months offer many long weekends and holidays off to save your paid time.

Is Rhinoplasty Best Before Or After The Holidays?
Any conversation about the winter season must include the major holidays observed from Thanksgiving to January. For many rhinoplasty patients, the holidays offer quiet time at home to rest and relax. The kids are off from school, so school activities are on hold until the new year. While it may be a good excuse to have a quiet holiday season for a change, some people are not able to do so.

Start Planning Your Winter Rhinoplasty
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