Times Are Changing: Rhinoplasty for Men

Men have always had nose surgery for functional issues. Birth defects, deviated septa, facial injuries, and sinus issues have all been common reasons for men to seek surgical corrections. But, times have changed and elective rhinoplasty is the number one plastic surgery procedure in men. Tens of thousands of men see plastic surgeons for rhinoplasty surgery every year.

Men are turning to rhinoplasty surgery for a variety of reasons. While women often complain about noses that are wide or tips that are on a little on the bulbous side, giving the face a more masculine appearance. Their goal is for a daintier appearing, smaller nose. Men are more likely to request the straightening of a crooked bridge, the removal of an obvious hump or, with the goal being that of achieving a more natural appearance.

When seeking a rhinoplasty surgeon, it is imperative to have realistic goals and expectations of your surgical outcome. While keeping that in mind the majority of rhinoplasty patients are very happy with the results of their procedures. Seeking surgical alterations to look more attractive and natural can be a very healthy pursuit. Trying to radically change your appearance because of psychological disorder is an completely different story. All cosmetic surgery procedures, and rhinoplasty surgery in particular, can be life changing. It is important to make sure that those changes are positive and healthy ones. That is why it is imperative to consult with a highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

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