Cosmetic Procedures: Summertime Recovery Tips

Now that summer is here, cosmetic procedures can become more appealing than ever. It is that time to ditch the winter clothes and hit the beaches looking our absolute best. After undergoing certain cosmetic procedures, the hot weather and extra sun exposure can negatively influence your recovery time.


Dangers That The Summer Can Pose

The intense sunlight exposure and heat is not great for your recovery. Unless you take precautions, swelling may take longer to settle, and the chances of minor bleeding from surgical sites are higher. Treatments like laser resurfacing require around six weeks of reduced sun exposure, which can be a challenge when you are desperate to get out and enjoy yourself during the summer or have a family vacation scheduled.

Another important factor in recovery is to stay properly hydrated when you are out and about on hot days. Becoming mildly dehydrated is easy to do. Dehydration prolongs wound healing, because the limited moisture in your body limits the ability of new cells to spread themselves across the wound.


Can Anything Be Done About It?

This all depends on what your priorities are. If you want to enjoy as much of the summer as possible, you might want to consider enhancements like Botox or other cosmetic fillers, which will not force you to avoid the sun for an extended period of time. But if you are happy to sacrifice a few weeks of the holiday period for an improved appearance later in the season, then other options may work better for you. Cosmetic procedures  such as rhinoplasty would require you to stay indoors for a while, as would the use of chemical peels or laser treatment.


If you decide to schedule a procedure during the summer, make sure you cover up immature scars to avoid permanent darkening, and try to stay hydrated. This will work wonders for your recovery, not only in summer but in all seasons as well.


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