What Can Be The Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders?

Medical otitus examination of child doctorEar, nose and throat disorders are fairly common in adults and children. Some people may only require cosmetic surgery to increase nasal shape and size, while others will also require a functional correction, such as removing nasal blockages. Patients should, therefore, recognize that a severe ENT condition can be treated preferably only by an ENT expert.

ENT Treatments

Usually, an ENT specialist or otolaryngologist may focus their clinical and 
research activities in this field in one or more of the subareas. 
may include:

• Pediatric otolaryngology
• Allergy
• Head or neck injury
• Rhinology
• Otology
• Neurotology
• Sleep medicine
Facial cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery

Nasal Airway Obstruction
A number of ENT disorders are caused due to obstruction of the nasal airways. Such obstruction causes difficulty in breathing, resulting in a debilitating impact and limiting the patient’s ability to perform physical activity and curbing their energy levels.

Nasal airway obstruction will also hamper the patient’s capacity to filter pollutants in the air, making them more susceptible to disease and infection. An ENT expert can repair the obstructed nasal airway and enable the patient to enjoy a fuller and healthier life with renewed vigor and strength.

Nasal airway obstructions may occur by birth or develop later due to various reasons. Some of the common causes of this condition are as follows:

• Deviated Septum
• Nasal Polyps
• Allergies/Rhinitis and Chronic Sinusitis
• Turbinate Hypertrophy
• Nasal Valve Collapse
• Nasal tissue enlargement

Once the source of nasal airway obstruction is identified and the problem is fully diagnosed, the ENT specialist will prepare a customized treatment plan to resolve the concerns in a comprehensive manner and restore the patient to optimal health. An experienced surgeon will choose the least invasive clinical techniques to minimize risk and reduce the post-op recovery period.

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