How To Lessen Redness After Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty SurgeryUpon rhinoplasty it takes some time for the nose to heal and recover. While you most likely want to see your nose look better sooner rather than later, the fact is that after surgery you will still have to deal with swelling and bruises. There are a couple of things you can do to make the swelling after rhinoplasty a little more bearable.

Keep Your Head Elevated
Holding your head elevated as it recovers is an simple way to reduce the pressure put on this region. You will note that the blood flow travels away from your area of care and that the swelling slowly subsides.

Hold your head upwards at an angle of 45 degrees. That means that a couple of extra pillows on your bed, so that your head is protected as you rest or sleep.

Apply Cool Compresses
Applying ice or cold compresses to the region around the nose will help to bring down swelling, as long as the compresses are used within the first few days after surgery. Cold compresses will make you feel more relaxed after that but do not do much to swell.

Avoid Too Much Heat
If you stay out of direct sunlight and stay in relatively cooler places, sun exposure and warmer environments will tend to cause increased facial swelling compared with. Moreover, avoiding direct sunlight is helpful for proper healing of the incisions. Sun exposure following surgery can also induce hyperpigmentation, or make the region of incision darker.

Low Sodium Diet
Limiting sodium intake to or less than 1500 mg a day serves efficiently as a diuretic. It is typically advised to eat a low sodium diet after rhinoplasty surgery, because too much salt will cause your body to retain fluid and make swelling worse. Usually it is a good idea to start reducing your sodium intake at least one day before your rhinoplasty for better performance.

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