Facts About Rhinoplasty

rhinoplastyRhinoplasty intends to reshape the nose to achieve desired esthetic results. Every patient’s nose is unique, and therefore each nose reshaping procedure is different. Just like most other cosmetic procedures, there are numerous facts and myths about all aspects of the rhinoplasty surgery procedure.

These are some you should know before you consider getting a nose job:

Lasting Results
Rhinoplasty is a procedure that need only be performed once in a patient’s lifetime if carried out with surgical expertise and an esthetic understanding of what constitutes an attractive, appropriate and individualized nose for each patient. The patient must communicate with the surgeon his or her desires and be responsible for their health to maintain the result.

Correct Breathing Issues
Some may not be aware of the fact that a nose that is not shaped correctly on the inside and outside can create various breathing problems. Swelling or distortion of the internal structures can cause obstructed airways which can be corrected during surgery. In the process of fixing the esthetics of the nose, health problems can also be eliminated or improved.

Facial Appearance
Whether it is reducing the tip of the nose, fixing the bridge, reducing the size of the nostrils, or removing a bump, this procedure has the ability to give the individual a more esthetically pleasing look. A doctor with many years of experience and the right hands should be able to create a new nose that correlates with the patients other facial features making it look completely natural and fitting.

Looks Natural
After a nose surgery, everyone wants to have a natural looking nose. In order to create the natural look, the doctor must shape the nose to the exact measurements that fit with the rest of the facial features. Making the nose too small or too big can cause an unnatural look that no one wants.

Reshapes The Bones And Cartilage
During this procedure, doctors modify all aspects of the nose, including the cartilage and bones. At times, doctors even have to break the nose to recreate and form the newly shaped nose.

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