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Men Are More Engaged In Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Young man's faceWith the wider societal acceptance of facial plastic surgery, the number of male patients seeking cosmetic procedures has risen significantly. Men do not think that cosmetic enhancement is mainly for women anymore. Men also want to look youthful in today’s competitive job market, feel self-confident and take pride in their appearance. One reason that more and more men are undergoing cosmetic procedures is this increased understanding of the effect that one’s looks can have on career advancement.

Popular Cosmetic Surgery For Men

The following are common procedures that are popular with men:
Nose reshaping surgery is the most popular cosmetic procedure for men. It is also known as rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty helps to correct the imperfections of the nose such as large, off-center, or crooked noses. The nose is a prominent part of the face and rhinoplasty can help completely transform the look of a person. Continue reading

Facial Volume Loss: Causes and Treatments

facial-volumeWhen most people think of aging, wrinkling and sagging skin top the list of noticeable changes to one’s appearance. In the normal course of aging there is a natural loss of facial fat, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, the chemical which keeps the skin moist, full, and youthful looking. The process usually begins in the twenties as the skin’s natural supports begin to break down, producing a gradual loss of definition in the cheeks, eye sockets, temples, lips, jawline, and forehead.

Causes Of Facial Volume Loss
Heredity and the normal aging process are the main causes of facial volume loss. However, certain medications may hasten the condition, as well as emotional stress, lifestyle factors, numerous traumas, and extreme dieting and frequent weight gain and weight loss, which cause a stretching of the ligaments that support the soft tissues of the face. Facial volume loss is accompanied by the loss of blood vessels, fat layers and collagen causing the skin to sink in from the lack of these natural supports. Continue reading