Knowing Otoplasty Procedure

Doctor examines boy ear with otoscope.Many never give a second thought to the size of their faces. As the ears are not integral to the neck, they are merely functional. It’s simple. Persons with prominent or ill-formed hands, though, can be a source of embarrassment and social distress, especially for children. A number of ear-related problems may be treated with Otoplasty , also known as ear pinning surgery. Ear operation can fix or correct ears, place ear or ears closer to the head, enhance alignment between ears, or improve the appearance of large, tiny or broken earlobes. Ear operations may improve the symmetry of ears.

The Otoplasty Procedure
There are many different forms of otoplasty, including:

• Torn earlobe repair
• Earlobe reduction
• Ear pinning
• Ear reshaping Continue reading